Friday, 23 August 2013

Bon appétit....

Two  gorgeous mademoiselles having a French
of course!!!!

We are very sorry that you couldn't join us yesterday as we had such a fun afternoon!

When we arrived at Learning Support we changed into clothes to make us look like someone from France. The boys had moustaches and stripped tops and when they put on their  berets they looked oh so handsome!!!!

I didn't like getting a moustache put on my face

Wearing a beret was fun.

I liked looking at myself in the mirror!!
It was a very pleasant afternoon...I enjoyed dressing up as a frenchman as France is my favourite country.

Bon appétit

The table was laden with food that they enjoy eating in France.....breads, cheese and pastries....and we had sparkling grape juice too!!!!

Le pain and fromage
Here is some of the delicious french food that we all got to taste.

Dont you wish that you had been there with us?

Enjoy your sunny weekend...see you all next week.


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  1. What a fun afternoon we all had!! The food was delicious and the children looked fantastic and had a great time!! I think we should have a French afternoon tea every week!!