Thursday, 29 May 2014

Week 4

We have been very spoilt this week with a trip to Chipmunks to celebrate George's birthday!
A very big thank you to Michelle and Dave for our treat.

Going down the slide was such fun!

Jeremy trying out the flying fox.

George and Aaron

Aieshar amongst the colourful balls

Aaron loved on the black bike

Luke firing balls from the cannon

Dave and Michelle

The birthday boy with Aieshar

Mmm....what is in here?
 It was awesome being our with our friends having such a fun time. We had heaps of laughs and there was a lot of screaming when we came down the slide!!!!!

Our birthday boy was VERY tired when he got home!!!!!

We have had a difficult time trying to choose a dance to perform for the Arts Finale.
We watched several dances on You Tube to finally come to a decision.
Yesterday we had to vote on what we would like to do and it was a now, we are going to learn two dances.
The final vote went to two Jump Jam dances.....The Witch Doctor and The Coconut Dance.

Also this week we started our new topic......Me In The Big Wide World
First up was the discussion on Good Mates and Mean Mates....we came up with a very long list for both.
None of us wanted to be a Mean Mate.
We all wanted to be  Good Mate because....

I don't want to hurt anyone.....Katelyn
I want to have lots of friends....Rachel
I want to care for people and get more friends. I don't want to be mean to people....Luke B
I want to play with my friends so they will play with me....Luke U
I want to be friends with people...George.
I want to be a Good Mate so I can have friends....Aaron
I want to help people....Jeremy

Are you a Good Mate?

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