Friday, 27 June 2014


We are nearly at the end of the term so it is all go in the afternoon finishing off our terms work.

Our topic of Me In The Big Wide World isn't completed so we will continue that next term.

This week we have been learning about "When do I have to wait?"
A list of all of our thoughts went up on the are some of them.
I have to wait when....I am at the Doctors
                                   I am buying McDonalds
                                   I am playing a game and have to wait for my turn
                                   I am on a bus

We learnt that waiting is very important but it can be very hard to do especially when our parents are talking or on the phone and we want them.

"What can we do while we are waiting?"
Well we can go and play with our toys or read a book until they are finished.
Waiting while playing games with friends is also hard so we have been playing card games to practise being patient.

On Wednesday we had a wonderful surprise ....Gayle was so excited when the door opened and standing there was an old friend that was part of the Afternoon Programme some years ago!!
He told us that he loved coming to our programme and thinks about Waimairi school every day.

Welcome back was so good to see you!

On Monday the link to watch our performance at Monday MeetUp will be put on our blog.
Enjoy your weekend and the sun.

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