Friday, 13 March 2015

Week 6

What a busy week we have had!

You should see the progress we have made with our rakau sticks...our motto is 'keep trying' and we are.

On Tuesday we celebrated Aaron's birthday..he is now 7!!

Happy Birthday Aaron !

Last term you all helped us collect heaps and heaps of bottle tops.

We asked Mrs Jenkins to draw a pukeko for us as she is an expert when it comes to drawing. Thank you Mrs Jenkins!

 We had the drawing and the bottle tops so it was time to begin....we were very excited as we have been waiting a while to start our project.

                                        Luke researched the colours that we would need for our pukeko

                                    Then it was time to sort out the colours that we needed

                                                            Time to start glueing.....

                     Guess what,,,,,we ran out of light blue tops. Do you have any at home that we could have please?    We would be very happy if you have!! Thank you in advance.

Enjoy your weekend everyone

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