Wednesday, 21 September 2016

End of term

Well, we are all excited because the holidays are nearly here!

There are heaps of things that we would all like to do over the next two weeks.....sleepovers, swimming, white baiting, Pokemon hunting,  out for meals,  going out with our cousins, movies and trips to the scooter and bike park.

Luke will be celebrating a birthday during the holidays ....have a fabulous day Luke!

Some of us are going away for a holiday with our parents or grandparents.

We know that whatever we do we will have a fun time and look forward to coming back and sharing our holiday news with everyone.

Thank you to everyone that has followed us this term on our blog.
We hope that you have enjoyed reading about our learning...and the fun that we have along the way.

Enjoy your holidays...take care, have fun and we hope that the sun will be kind to us during the next two weeks so that we can play outside.

Gabby, Ben, Desharne, Aieshar, Ryan, Meagan, Aaron, Jasiah, Luke, Rachel and Gayle

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