Thursday, 16 March 2017

The sun is back!!!!

It was SO good to get outside to play after all the rain that we have had!!

We have been doing all this learning about being a responsible citizen and this week it was time to learn about being a responsible citizen in our community.

Community Constable Richard came to visit us and told us how we can all be responsible citizens by doing the 'right' thing.

Before he started his talk he showed us all the equipment that he wears on his uniform. Boy they have to carry heaps of things....most of which is to keep us ...and him safe.

Some of us were very surprised to learn that it is illegal to ride bikes on the footpath!!!

Aieshar said 'thank you 'on behalf of us all and gave Constable Richard some zucchinis that we had grown in our garden at school.

Time for a group photo.

Some sad and happy news.

At the beginning of the week one of our cocoons hatched...we were there to watch it happen!!!
It was so exciting!!!

Sadly when we came to school the next day the butterfly had died. Its wings hadn't formed properly. the next cocoon burst open and a stunning perfect butterfly appeared.
We let it dry its wings inside then took it outside to let it fly away and be with all the other monarchs.

                                   We celebrated Aaron's birthday this week.

Happy Birthday Aaron!!

                     It was Aieshar's turn to choose what we baked this week.

                                              She chose chocolate cake.

We hope you al have a safe and happy weekend....remember everyone out there........ to be a responsible citizen.

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