Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Week 3

Kia Ora,

What a week we have had!!!!

On Tuesday we had a visit from Naoko who is a massage therapist.

She had a range of bottles which had essential oils in them.
We got to smell them and try and work out what they were.
Essential oils are made from plants and they smell absolutely delicious.

We all got to have a foot bath that had lavender oil in it.  It was lovely and warm and some of us didn't want to take our feet out of it!!!!

Putting the lavender oil into the foot bath....

Being told all about essential oils....

Time for a smell...

I wonder what this one is?

After the foot bath we were all treated to a hand massage that had the essential oil chamomile in the oil mixture.
It was so relaxing.....we all loved it and we are hoping that Noako will come back again to see us!!!

Next week we are going to practise doing hand massages on each other....we can't wait!!!

Desharne gave Naoko some flowers and thanked her for giving up her time to come and be with us.

This term we are being scientists and will be participating in doing science experiments.

Today we put on our lab coats and got busy with our first experiment.

Jacob chose the experiment for today...Volcano in the sandpile!

First we had to go and collect the sand from the sand pit and make a mountain shape from it.

Reading up what we have to do....

Collecting the sand....

Making our mountains
Then we made a hole in the top of the mountain and put baking soda and food colouring in it .
Next we added vinegar....and guess what happened?
We had a reaction...the vinegar made the baking soda bubble and erupt from our mountains just like a real volcano.

We all tried the experiment twice...for the second one we used more baking soda and vinegar to see if that made a difference....and it did.

After finishing our experiment we all watched a real volcano erupting in was scary!!

Miss Hudson came in and said that the same thing happens when you make hokey pokey so we think that we will try that next week to see if we get the same reactions as we did today.

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