Thursday, 28 September 2017

End of term....

Kia ora!

Ryan has been very creative and made up his own recipe for a dessert.
It had ice-cream, yoghurt and chocolate in it.
It was meant to have cream added but Gayle forgot to buy it!!

It had to go in the freezer over night so that it could get solid.

Then the next day we ate was so delicious.

Chopping the chocolate....

Melting the chocolate...

Mixing the ice-cream and yoghurt

The mastermind....

Drizzling the chocolate into the patty pan....

The mixture all ready for the freezer...


Thumbs up!!!

On Wednesday Paul and Gayle took us to the Northlands Mall.

Gayle gave us all $3.00 in an envelope to spend at the Mall.

We had to be responsible for our own money, remember that we were out representing Waimairi School, have eye contact when purchasing, remembering our manners and being aware that there would be other people at the Mall. much to remember!!!!

Desharne was out to get some bargins so he took his time to look around several shops before finally getting what he really wanted.

Aieshar was really quick with her purchase....she chose pink slime.

Ryan found a stretchy snake...he was so thrilled with it especially when he realised that Gayle doesn't like snakes!!!! He teased her with it!!!

It was really hard work trying to choose something , but we all enjoyed our time at the Mall and Gayle was extremely pleased at how we were such responsible citizens from Waimairi School.

All ready to go and have a spend up!!

What about this?

Searching, searching....

First one to make a decision...

Now to pay for it...

The last of the bargins....
Sharing...Well done Desharne!

We all wish you a safe and happy holiday for these next two weeks.

Desharne, Gabby, Aieshar, Jasiah, Jacob, Aaron and Gayle

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