Friday, 12 July 2013

End Of Term!

It is hard to believe  that it is the end of the term.

We had an Art Exhibition at school this week and we took the instruments along to show people what we have been doing in the Afternoon programme.

Aieshar and Luke were in a dance performance with their class...we enjoyed watching them and thought that they were very talented.
Katelyn and Rachel were part of the school choir and they really enjoyed performing to the audience that went to hear them.
Katelyn looking  in the big tank.

Our group highlight of the week was a trip to a Soft Drink Factory to see fizzy drink being bottled and packed already to go out to the Supermarket.

Paul met us and showed us a huge big tank...he had to lift some of us up so that we could see inside. There was a very sweet smell that was like ice-cream and then we found out that the big tank was full of ice cream soda.

Then we went and saw this amazing filled the bottles.put the caps on and then put a label on the bottle. We were amazed!

We all had to wear safety vests and funny white hats. Paul, Rachel and Gayle had to wear them too.

Here come the bottles ready to be wrapped.

What's happening here Paul?

Look George...they have all been wrapped

Mmm, this is very interesting....

The smile says it all!!

George...that horn is VERY loud!!!!

I want to work here when I grow up

Well done Jeremy!!

Look what I have got!!

Bottles full,,caps just on their way to get a label

All to be packed into cartons

Paul...these machines are very clever!

As you can see we had a fabulous time watching and learning how fizzy gets into the bottles.

To all our viewers out there...thank you for logging in every week to see what we have been learning about.
Enjoy the holidays.
Take care and we will talk to you all next term.

Katelyn, Jeremy, George, Aieshar, Luke B, Luke U, Rachel, Rachel and Gayle

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  1. Thanks again Paul for showing us around the Soft Drink factory. We all had a great time!!
    The Musical Instruments looked fannntastic!! The children did a wonderful job.
    Hope you all have a lovely holiday!