Friday, 5 July 2013

Get those shakers shaking!!!!!

This week  was all about making shakers and finishing our larger phones.

Now we are the proud owners of several musical instruments!

Great hammering Aieshar

I had to press the bottle firmly to get the PVA out.

Rachel you did an amazing job.

Concentration plus Katelyn!

George are working so hard!!

That's it Aieshar...twirl it around so it doesn't drip.

Now for the coloured rice...

The process was...first we decorated our bottles with coloured PVA. Next we got some dye and coloured some rice...we used blue, green and orange. The colours looked great when we mixed them altogether.
Then we put the rice into our bottles, put PVA on the lids and screwed the lids on tightly. Now we have a fantastic shaker to make music with!

Photos of what we have made this term and our instruments will be on display in the hall on Wednesday and Thursday so please come and have a look at how clever we have been this term.

Our larger phones minus the streamers.

Enjoy the warm weather this weekend...wouldn't it fantastic if it was like this for the school holidays....fingers crossed.
Only one more week and it is the end of term.

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  1. Another busy week in the Afternoon Programme!! The children have worked so hard making the musical instruments. And they are very proud of them!! I can't wait to see how fantastic they will look on display in the hall.