Friday, 28 June 2013

Lets Make Music continues.....

What a busy week...what with making toasted sandwiches, cleaning out chinchillas,painting the sticks for our larger phones, baking, being in a band and making another musical instrument.
Phew it has been all go!!!

Paul arrived on Wednesday with his tool bag and some nails to help us complete our larger phones. Before he arrived we had to get the hammer and flatten the bottle tops so that we were ready for him.
We all had a turn with him as he helped us measure out where the bottle tops needed to go. He was very impressed at how we all knew our numbers .
Then came a highlight... we all had a turn with the drill to make the holes for the nails. That was awesome !!
Then we had to get the tops ready...they had to go a special way and then we hammered them into our sticks.
It was a VERY busy afternoon and we didn't get them finished but we will complete them next week.
Our parents are going to love it when we take home all these wonderful instruments that we have made!!

First we had to paint our sticks .

 'Now what size drill will we need?"

 Great measuring Jeremy!
I know where those numbers are!!

"This is so cool"

"I am ready with the hammer Paul"
"Which one will we use?"

Waiting for a turn on the drill!!

Concentration plus!!
Helping hand!

Now for the hammering !
Thanks for coming Paul. We loved working with you. We will get you back to come and help us again!!!

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  1. Thanks again Paul for coming to help out!!!!