Friday, 7 June 2013

Gosh it is week 5!!

Another birthday to celebrate this week!

Happy Birthday Katelyn...we hope that you had a wonderful day celebrating.

Luke came up with the idea of using the staple gun to attach the leather to the top of our drums so we did that and now......our drums are complete and ready to make music!!

It was hard work using the staple gun

Good try George

Now to make some music!!!!
The big news of the week is that we had a visit from one very friendly policeman.

A very big 'thank you' to Dave who came to talk to us ...George was so proud having his Dad at the Afternoon Programme!!
We had all our questions ready for Dave to answer.

Great listening Luke and Aieshar.

This is my Dad!!!!

Dave had lots of interesting things to show us.

Mmmm I know what these are for!

Dave in action!!!

We all sat in the police car and had a turn at turning the lights and siren was very noisy!!
"Dave is a policeman. He arrests people that make bad choices."     Luke B

"He had a torch and handcuffs"    Aieshar

"I thought that his torch was cool"    George

"The torch had two for invisible ink and the other just ordinary."   Luke B

"I loved turning the siren on."   Katelyn

We learnt that policemen are very helpful and kind. They go and help out at car crashes and help lost children find their parents.
Luke was very keen to find out if the prisoners get fed when they are take to the cells at the Police Station!!!!

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  1. Thank you all for inviting me and for making me feel very welcome. You asked some really interesting and clever questions.
    You are ALL amazing.

    Dave the policeman xx