Friday, 14 June 2013

Welcome to our new additions.....

Emily and Mr Jump's home

Mr Jumpy

Adoring caregivers......

Our numbers have grown!!! 
Thanks to Michelle we are now the proud owners of two cute chinchillas.
We are going to learn how to care for it has been a busy week learning all about our two new friends. 
A naming competition was held and the results are.....Emily for the girl and Mr Jumpy for the boy.

Getting to know you!!

We are learning to be very gentle with Emily and Mr Jumpy......well done Rachel!
Yesterday we made a very delicious chocolate cake had an unusual  ingredient ...white vinegar which smelt yuk...thank goodness you couldn't taste it in the cake.  The recipe was quick and easy and can be enjoyed by all those who are dairy intolerant.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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