Friday, 29 August 2014

Off to the Museum....

As you know we having been learning about the childhood days of our grandparents so it was time to head off to the Canterbury Museum to take a stroll down an old Canterbury street.

Boy it was VERY old...we don't have any streets like that now!

The street was filled with shops like they were back in our grandparents and great grandparents day.
We peered into the shop windows and talked about how different life is now is not like going into the shops that we go into today.

Aaron found a fire...

Aieshar was a wee bit nervous about the mannequins !

A  mannequin keeping an eye on us!

The boot maker had been very busy making a huge selection of boots.
His apron was made from the skin of an animal.
He made all the shoes by machinery for him as they didn't have electricity.

A beautiful christening gown made by hand.

Luke B knew that this was a Grandfather clock

Now for a turn on the penny farthing bike...some of us had trouble reaching the pedals

Our Grandparents have been sending us recipes from their childhood and this week we made peanut brownies . The recipe came from an old  Edmonds Cook is still in the modern version!
The biscuits were really yummy...but there were a few of us that didn't like them!!

Thanks Luke for bringing the peanut brownie will have to tell Barbie that we made them!

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