Friday, 22 August 2014

The Olden Days.....

This week we were very lucky to have a visit from someone who could tell us all about the 'olden' days.
It was Gayle's mum. She is 87 years old and had so much information to tell us about the past and her childhood.

Last week we thought about all the questions that we would like to ask her and we had them ready for the interview!

We found out that she didn't ever have a birthday party, there weren't many cars about as they were expensive, her teacher would come and hit her over the hand while she was working, you had to line up like soldiers every morning before class and be VERY quiet, no take aways, hardly ever had any lollies as they were expensive, lots of chores to do at home ..her mother was very fussy about the house being tidy, no school uniform, no TV, movies were black and colour and she only got to go to them as a real treat, no radio.
She had to drink milk every day at school...she hated it because it was always warm!!
We all felt very sad when she told us about waving goodbye to her Dad as he went off to war and not ever seeing him again.
She also had a teddy of Gayle's and some dolls. They looked very different to the dolls and teddies that we have.

The next day we wrote a thank you letter to Noel and then all had a think about whether we would  like to live in the time that Noel was growing up or now and why.

Most of us chose now...we love our TV and computer games!!!
Luke B said he would like to live in a bit of both...he explained that when Noel was growing up there weren't many cars about which was great as there would be very little pollution where now there is heaps of pollution .
Great thinking Luke...what a super star you are!

Noel showing us where she was born...

Listening to a question.....

A fur scarf that belonged to Noel's mother ....boy that must be VERY old!

Gayle's teddy...minus an eye.....

Jeremy with one of Gayle's dolls.....

Photo time.....

Gayle and her Mum....

Aaron wanted to take home the lovely warm scarf!!

Gayle's dolls....Aieshar REALLY wanted to take one home!!

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  1. It was lovely that Noel could come and visit the Afternoon Programme and answer all our questions! I think we all learnt a lot!!
    Gayle and Noel look lovely in the photos that we look!!
    Thanks again for coming to visit us was lovely to meet you and hopefully you will come back and see us again!