Friday, 24 October 2014

A birthday at Waimairi!

Waimairi School is having a birthday this weekend.      It is 100 years old....isn't that amazing !!

We hope that you will be able to come to school on Saturday as there is heaps going on to celebrate this milestone.
At 11am a Fair gets underway so come down and be part of the celebrations.  Fingers crossed that the sun is going to shine.

We  were very excited this week as we have a new team member.
Her name is Gabby and she is nine years old.  So now we have five boys and four girls.

Aieshar and Luke were away for two days as they went to camp with their class. When they returned they gave us a report on everything that they did while they were away.
They had a such a fun time...they said even the food was great!!  We were so pleased that the weather was kind to them.

Wednesday saw us with our art shirts on doing marble painting.

Have you ever tried marble painting?
All you need is a box, paper, paint and marbles.   It is great watching the marble roll around the box making patterns.

On Thursday we baked.  Since it was Gabby's first week with us she got to choose what to bake and she chose ginger nuts.

Mixing the baking soda with the boiling water...

We have to get another apron  as we only have 8!

The final product...

Enjoy the long weekend everyone....make sure you pop into school to be part of the fun times on Saturday..

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