Friday, 31 October 2014

Week 3 Term 4

 On Thursday we visited Willowbank to see all the new spring babies.
Gabby has a family connection there and has visited many times so she was appointed the "Tour Leader" and what an amazing tour leader she was  . She knew exactly where to take us and the names of some of the animals. She even answered our questions!!!

We had a picnic lunch before heading off to see the animals.

This is Sam...he used to belong to Gabby's granddad.

The goats were very friendly towards us...we wondered if they were looking for food!

 We all had fun following Gabby and listening to what she had to say about all the animals. We think that she is very lucky to go to Willowbank whenever she likes.

Gayle has has trouble today downloading photos so she will put more on in another blog.

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