Friday, 27 February 2015

Kia Ora

Sorry for the' no 'post last week...

We have been meaning to tell you something about us......

Did you know that we are now authors and illustrators ?

Well we are....just take a look!

The title of our books was Summer Holidays

I wrote about going to the Elephant Park with my Mum and brother. and having my friend over for a play date.....Gabby

I wrote about going fishing with Mum and Randall. I caught two fish........Aieshar

I wrote about going away to Hanmer Springs in our house bus. I went with Mum and Dad and we had a wonderful time there......Luke B

I wrote about going to the beach with Mum, Jeremy and Blue. It was a hot day and we played in the water.....Aaron

I read lots of books in the holidays and went to Aunty Lara's for afternoon tea......Ethan

I wrote about our new chickens that we got in the holidays. They are called Salt and Pepper......Luke U

We had the best surprise this week!

George came back to visit us. He told us all about his new school. He has eight new friends and his teachers name is Pip.
We all talked about how sad we were that Katelyn, Rachel, Jeremy and George are not at Waimairi School any more.

George wrote on the white board how many children were in his new class.
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