Friday, 6 February 2015

Welcome back!

Welcome back everyone... we hope that you have all enjoyed the wonderful weather that we experienced over the holidays .

A huge welcome to Ethan who has joined us in the Afternoon Programme.

Ethan we love that smiley face of yours!!!

During the holidays Gabby celebrated her tenth birthday.
On Wednesday we had a celebration for her at school.

Happy birthday Gabby!

Some of us have been very sad that we no longer have Rachel, Katelyn, George and Jeremy with us any longer.
We had to photo copy some photos so that we could take them home to put on our bedroom walls so that we wouldn't forget them!

Guess who came to visit us on Thursday?

Aieshar's Nanny and Aieshars new kitten called Jade.
She is just so cute .
Aieshar told us all about her, what she eats,where she sleeps and where she came from.

Making friends with Jade

Gayle wanted to take Jade home....she loves cats!


Ready for the trip home.

Thank you Mrs Allen for bringing Jade to visit us.

Enjoy your Waitangi weekend.

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