Friday, 31 July 2015

Kei te pehea koe?

We are all very harikoa!     We are all very happy because…...

Do you remember the flags that we designed and sent off to Mr Key?

Well…. yesterday we received a letter from John Key  telling us that we had done a superb job of designing them.

We had  invited him to come and see us in the Afternoon Programme and he thanked us for the invitation and said he might be able to come one day when he is in Christchurch.

Luke U wanted to know if he had chosen his flag for New Zealand's new flag….we will just have to wait and see!!

Aieshar had a birthday this week but we haven't  celebrated it yet as she has been away. We hope that she will be back on Monday so we can sing' Happy Birthday 'to her.

We had two visitors this week from Aru Atu. They wanted to see what Aieshar did in the Afternoon programme so they came and spent the afternoon with us.
We were telling them that on Tuesday we were going to have a musical afternoon and they said that they were in the school orchestra…..they went and got their instruments and played to us.

Thank you Lilly and Milly.

Wow ….we were impressed with their talents.

 Pikelets were on the menu yesterday…we are getting SO good at cracking eggs.

Great job Aaron!!

In goes the flour...

Master chef  Luke in action!!

 Aaron you are going to be a whizz in the kitchen….

Good try Luke...

Good work Ethan!

Well that is it from us for this week…enjoy your weekend. Lets hope the sun is going to shine.
The days are getting longer so spring must be on its way!!!

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