Friday, 24 July 2015

We are back!!!

Kia ora everyone…we are back from our holidays.

Did you enjoy your holiday?
We enjoyed ours!

It is wonderful to be back in our Afternoon Programme team and it was action first day up when we opened the ginger beer that we made last term.

Oh no….we opened this bottle too quickly and the gas inside  come very quickly to the top and went everywhere!!

Gently does it Gabby….

I am a wee bit nervous about opening my bottle….

 It was fun opening our bottles but some of us were just a wee bit nervous  about it after Gayle's explosion!!

We took our ginger beer home to taste.

Most of us enjoyed the fizzy part of our drink but one mum said it lacked flavour so next time we will have to put more ginger in.

Sad news…Aaron's teacher Mrs Campbell is not well so we all took a walk to her house to cheer her up with some spring flowers.

Mr Campbell was home for lunch so we got to meet him.
His name is Michael.

This lovely lady is Pam…she is Mrs Campbell's mum.

Here she is!!! Poor Mrs Campbell is on crutches. She has to be very careful when she is moving about.

Lucky us!!! We were all allowed to choose two lollies .
Thank you Mrs Campbell…we hope you get get better real quick so that we can see you at school again.

Big News….Our coins in the coke.

Oh my goodness…we have all decided that coke isn't good for our teeth as when we took the coins out of the coke the colour  had changed on some of the coins. It looked like the coke had started to eat the coin!!!! 
So think twice everyone before you drink coke!!!!!

Yesterday we made a chocolate cake…it was really easy to make and  it was very delicious. 
Poor Gabby was away so we have kept two slices for her.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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