Friday, 21 August 2015

Half way.....

Did you know that we are half way through the term?

The weeks are going by so quickly!!!    That must mean that spring is on its way.

What do the Arts mean to us.....

Well we wondered about this and this is what we came up with.

Drama/Acting, Singing, Painting/ Drawing, Creating, Duplo, Playing an instrument, Musical chairs, Playing hospitals, Puppets, Cooking/Decorating.

Concert time with Aieshar and Gabby......we are hoping that they will share their talents at Monday Meet Up

Drama...acting out the story of Greedy Cat

Do you know what graffiti is?

These are our comments about graffiti...

* It is very cool

*They use spray can. It is good if you aren't doing it on trains.

* People spray things on other people's is bad.

* Three of us didn't know.

So off on a graffiti hunt we went this week and look what we found in a street near school......


Oh No!! This is not good at all.!
Why are people doing this to property that doesn't belong to them?
We were all really upset to see this as we wouldn't like it happening at our  home or school.

Next week we are heading out into the city to see more graffiti..mmm we are wondering it will be like what we saw this week.

We hope not but we will let you know.

Hope that you enjoy the wonderful weather that we are going to have this weekend.

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