Thursday, 27 August 2015

Art, Art, and more Art......

We have had a week of being very 'arty'.

Tuesday saw us trying our hand at a bit of sewing.
For some of us it was extremely difficult but we kept on trying and guess got easier!!!

Great concentration Gabby!

Keep trying are doing a great job!

Wednesday was full of art...we tried our hand at marble painting, portraits, drawing on tiles and dye with eye droppers.

Today saw us finding more art to talk about....some of it was fantastic and some not so good.

We went into the city to go on a graffiti hunt.

We found heaps of graffiti was everywhere.

To our dismay  we found that  the graffiti that we didn't want to see was everywhere.  We were amazed at how high up people climb to deface buildings.

Oh no....some people have been very busy graffiting all these windows....

The clever graffiti.....making our city more vibrant!

Having a sun bathe and dreaming of an Australian holiday!!!!!!!

On Monday we will be giving out thoughts about how we felt about all the graffiti that we saw today....the good and the bad.

We will let you know next week what we came up with.

If you can go into the city to see what you think about about all the graffiti that is around.

If you do that let us know what you thought.

Enjoy your weekend.

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