Friday, 4 September 2015

Some of our thoughts......

As you know last week we went into the City to find what graffiti really looked like.

This is what we thought....

Some graffiti was really bad because.
It destroys property.
It was, fences and buildings.
It looks untidy.
The people who do this have no thoughts about other peoples property.
We wouldn't like it done at our house.
We were sad, angry and worried.



 There was some great graffiti around.
It added colour to broken buildings.
It was creativeSome of it told a story.
Some of the characters were from TV and games.
We wondered if they had been given permission to do this,
It turned a boring place into something great to look at.

We have completed our sewing.
Haven't we done a fantastic job?

 Time for drama again as we all wanted to try out the different characters in the story.
Luke had amazing conversations with his customers and was a very helpful shop keeper.

Aaron was a very Grededy Cat!

Aieshar had some great deals going!

This Greedy cat was very keen to get some pats from the audience.

Our narrator....Luke

These three are practising really hard for their Monday Meet Up debut.

Talk to you next week.....we are nearly at the end of the term.


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