Thursday, 17 September 2015



Phew it has been a HUGE week!!!

We seem to have been practising for today for weeks...yes weeks!

But it all paid off as we entertained our audience at the Library today.

Part of our display on graffiti at the Library...

We met Edith the guide dog when we arrived at the Library.....

She loved us ...her tail didn't stop wagging. Her owner told us that Edith loved children.

A few pukekos filling in time while they waited for their turn  to sing and dance.

Time to introduce ourselves and do the Pukeko Stomp
Now for the colour song with our parents....we were the best listeners!!!! They found it hard listening and doing the right actions!!!   They were laughing so much we think they didn't hear the words!!!!!

Lunch at the Commons.....

Time for  the trip back to school in a double decker bus!!!

Pukekos connecting with a pukeko of a different kind.....this one was made with bottle tops.

We all arrived back at school very tired but we had a fabulous day connecting with all of our school friends as we performed different items for our big arts day in our city.

We are sure that we will all sleep well tonight....probably Mary and Gayle will too!!!

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