Friday, 25 September 2015

They have arrived!!!!

Yes today is the last day of the term and what a term it has been.

Our learning has skyrocketed about connecting with the Arts in our City of Christchurch.

We have also had the courage to get up in front of an audience and perform to them.

This took heaps of courage and practise.

It was decided to celebrate this courage with a celebration!!

Guess what we had?........yes a party!!!   Whoo Hoo!!

We were all able to choose one type of we had cherrioes, chips, chocolate chip muffins, ice cream,  chocolate milk, marshmallows and lollies.

After we had filled out tummys with this scrummy food we sat around and chatted about our learning for the term and what part we had enjoyed the most.

Of course we all thought that this was a wonderful way to end the term!!!

Our ESOL friends came to visit us on Wednesday. They were all dressed up in their national costume and looked magnificent.

Gabby had a connection with one of the students. It was Miguel.....he is from Spain.

They told us which country they were from then they showed us where that country was on our world map.

The countries that they came from were......Spain, South Africa, Israel, Fiji, Samoa, Afghanistan, Korea, Romania, Brazil, Japan and the Philippines.

Margarette showed where the Philippines were......

  Our gorgeous Denise and Sairusi

And here we have Afghanistan...thanks Mariam.

What a wonderful way to end our Connecting with the Arts term.

Thank you for coming to visit us.

And now it's time to say goodbye for two weeks.

Enjoy your holidays ...have fun because we are!!!

See you all next term!

Gabby, Luke, Aaron, Aieshar, Luke U and Ethan.

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