Thursday, 10 September 2015

Oh My Goodness......

We hope that you are warm and dry after the terrible change in the weather this afternoon!

As you know we all went into the city to look at the different types of graffiti.

Well this week we had a actually do some graffiti!

There are two steps to this process.....and we did step one yesterday.

We have all drawn a picture of our house and next week we will graffiti them.

This will be the graffiti that we DON'T like!!

What we disliked the most about the 'bad' graffiti was the damage that is done to people's property.

We think that it is a terrible thing to damage other peoples property so we are wondering how we are going to feel on Monday when we graffiti over our 'homes'.

At Kaitoro time today we had an emergency hospital.....Aieshar was the patient and Gabby was the doctor.

We don't think that Gabby applied enough  anaesthetic as there were lots of giggles coming from the patient!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.
We hope that the weather is going to improve for us all!!!!

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