Friday, 16 October 2015

Yay...we are back!!!

Welcome back everyone!
We all hope that you had fun over the holidays and soaked up the glorious sun.

Our topic for this term is Winning Ways To Wellbeing.

Mmmm...we wondered what that meant.
Luke B summed it up perfectly....being fit and healthy...not only with our bodies but in our mind as well.

So first up was being active.
A few of us are not that keen on the physical side of this so we had to come up with a plan of keeping active but with a fun element.

This is what we thought would be great....a treasure hunt, egg and spoon race, sack races, dancing to our favourite music and PMP.

Then we all took part in a discussion about baking versus cooking.
Since we are keeping active it was decided to do cooking....healthy of course!!!!

First up was scrambled eggs....we made them yesterday.

We have to be honest and tell you that a few of us  weren't very comfortable about that choice.

Cracking the eggs into the bowl....

Whisking the eggs...

Now for the mixture to go into the pot....

Wow...the mixture has gone from a liquid to a solid....

Mmmm...I'm not sure about this

Star of the day!!!

Luke was our star of the day...he didn't want to eat the scrambled eggs but he gave it a try and he thought that they were okay.

Well done Luke...not only did you try something new, you surprised yourself that you actually quite enjoyed them.

We are all hoping to follow in Luke's footsteps with trying things that we are not feeling all that good about.

This means that we will be setting ourselves some new goals for the term.

On Monday we celebrated Luke's birthday.

He had a fun time celebrating it with his friends during the holidays.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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