Friday, 23 October 2015

Week 2

Kia Ora everyone.

As part of our Winning Ways to Wellbeing we went on a walk to 'notice' all the beauty and sounds that are around us.
Sometimes we are too busy running or talking to notice them so off we went to see what we could see and hear.

We heard:
A very noisy roar of a motor..... What was that?    Luke B was a chainsaw.
People chatting.
The noise of the cars on the road.
Builders hammering.
Birds chirping in the trees..
A plane.

We saw:
Old houses.
Heaps of trees.
Beautiful blossom trees.
Pretty flowers.
People walking.
A bridge.
New buildings.
A pink car.
Mrs Pickles having coffee with a friend.


Aaron knew that this was a maple tree...

We didn't know the name of this tree..


These flowers had a beautiful smell....

Stunning  blossoms...

Mrs Pickles having a coffee with a friend....

Yesterday we arrived at class to find that we had a surprise in store for us.

Te Puna had invited us to join them as they were having a visit from the Fire Brigade.

The fireman told us all about how to keep safe in a fire and them we went out and had a turn squirting water from the fireman's hose!!!

We were all VERY excited!!!

When we got back to class we had a story about how firemen keep us safe then we practised dialling 111 on the phone and saying our name and address.

Gabby Willis speaking....


My name is Luke..

I must remember 111...

I know how to dial 111....

We are hoping that you will all enjoy the long weekend.

If you are going away please drive safely.

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