Thursday, 24 August 2017

Week 5

Annyeong....hello from South Korea

Wow! What a wonderful week of having the sun out every day!!

Listening and imagining....

Last week Mary read us a book called The Music Tree. We didn't get to see the illustrations because we had to imagine what they might look like.
It is quite a hard thing to do!!
When the story was finished we had to do a drawing of our own music tree.
Call in and see what we achieved....Everyone thinks that our drawings are spectacular.

During the week we went and visited Mrs Coleman's new house. Her house had to be demolished because of the earthquake. We went to see the roofers getting the iron ready to put on the roof.

Talking to Mr Coleman...

Asking questions....

The new house....

Fun at a nearby playground...

Being brave....

              Last term we made our own pois but sadly they came apart when we went to use them.
              Luckily the school have some so this week we practised our 'poi' skills

                                                              Well done everyone!!!

This week we had a 'jam' session should have been here. It was so much fun!!  And VERY noisey!!!

We started off by watching street artists making music on YouTube.
Then it was our turn to have a go!!
First we followed different beats , then it was onto making our own music.

We made music on buckets, pots, lids and tins

Today we made hamburgers...thanks to was his choice.

These words described how we thought they tasted....scrumptious, delicious, yum, surprisingly good, really, really good, want my mum to cook them!!!

We had lettuce, beetroot, pineapple and cheese to choose from for our buns.

Time to turn the patties over....

Now its time to eat!!!

Thanks Aaron...everyone thought that you chose really well!!

Have a stunning weekend ...lets hope the sun continues to shine.

Spring is on it's way!!!!

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