Thursday, 31 August 2017

Week 6

Kia ora

The sun was shining so off we all went on a 'noticing' walk.
Armed with our clip boards and pens we were all ready to write down all the things that we noticed!

Spring is on it's way!!!
We know that because we saw heaps and heaps of spring flowers...daffodils, violets, magnolias, blossom, snowdrops, match heads, daphne and rhododendrons.

Beautiful white blossom...

Stunning pink magnolias...

A soft furry husk from the magnolia bud......

Jasiah's list was very very long......fantastic noticing Jasiah!

We also noticed empty sections, a clock tower, sushi and a fish and chip shop, a bee, a smashed bottle, a digger and lots more.

BUT...our biggest find of the day was a supermarket trolley that had been left in the stream along the walkway.

Desharne, Jasiah and Ryan pulled it out and we took it back to school with us.

Gayle rang Pac N Save and they are going to come and pick it up.

We all felt that we had been responsible citizens.

It was wonderful being out in the sun together.

                                         Today we made gingerbread men.

 It was Aieshar's choice but sadly she was away sick and didn't get to make any. Desharne very kndly made one for her and we will give it to her when she returns.

A huge 'thank you' to Desharne and Paul for making up the dough mixture for us during their lunch break.


Out of the oven ready to ice....

We made icing to stick the M and Ms on...

Lots of concentration was needed to do the decorating....


Sadly the sun that was out at the beginning of the week has disappeared and now it feels like Winter again!

Keep warm everyone!!

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