Friday, 21 February 2014

Six new additions!!

Kia Ora,

Rachel has been very busy on Trade Me and now we are the very proud owners of six tadpoles!

For science this term we are going to learn all about the life cycle of the frog...already two of the tadpoles have grown their  back legs.
This is very exciting as they are starting to change  into a frog already!

We are really looking forward to watching them grow into frogs and learning lots of facts about them.

Some of us want to give them names but as yet we haven't done that...will let you know next week what names we come up with.

First we had to fill the tank with water.

Out of the plastic bag and into the tank!

Their new home...

Looks like they are settling in okay!

I wish that they would be still for a bit so I can count them!

Welcome tadpoles

You only need to give them a small amount of food every day

Feeding time..

This is very cool...look at that ones back legs!

I can see six tadpoles!

We missed George and Luke this week....they were away sick. Fingers crossed that we will see them next week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. What a busy week we have had in the Afternoon Programme!
    It's very exciting to have some Tadpoles to watch and we are all looking forward to seeing them turn into Frogs..I Can't wait!!