Friday, 7 February 2014


Kia ora,
We are all really pleased to be back at school after our long holiday break.
We  hope that everyone out there that reads our blog has had a wonderful holiday too.

It has been a really short week, so we have spent it telling one another what we have been doing in the holidays and drawing some amazing 'holiday' pictures. Next week we will write a story about our holiday so perhaps Gayle will let you know on the blog next week what we got up to.

Room 15 came to visit on Tuesday because they are thinking that they might like to have a turn of looking after our chinchillas. On Monday we have a meeting with Room 15 to answer all their questions about Emily and Mr Jumpy.
Since we won't be having the chinchillas we thought it would be interesting to get tadpoles and watch then grow into we just have to find some tadpoles!!!

Thats all from us this really is great to be back . We are looking forward to an exciting term.
I wonder what we are going to learn about?    Watch this space and we will let you know!

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