Friday, 14 February 2014


Kia Ora,

Gayle was going to tell you about our holidays this week but we decided that we wanted you to know about some of the things that we have done this week instead.

Last year the PTA gave us some money to go and buy a sand tray. It arrived this week and on Wednesday we opened it up and put it together ...with the help of Rachel!

It was very exciting...but even more exciting was that on Thursday we all went to Toy World and spent the money that some senior students raised for us last year on animals for the sand tray.
We chose dinosaurs, farm animals and wild animals.

Rachel was first up to open the box!

Mmm...what are these? I know its the instructions!

Aaron what can you find in there?

Katelyn sorted all the bits and pieces that we needed to put the tray together.
We learnt the difference between a nut and a screw.

We had to work as a team to assemble the tray

The instructions!

Aaron hard at work put the draining tap on

Team work at its best!!

Aaron was in his element!!

Great work Aieshar 

Nearly there....


Boy oh boy...we cant wait for Monday to use our new equipment.
A very big thank you PTA and the girls from Room 14 in 2013.
We are all VERY happy!!!

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