Friday, 15 August 2014

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

It was a real winters day yesterday...the wind was biting and we were all very cold. We were sure that it was going to snow!

Gayle's Mum was meant to come and talk to us about her days as a child but she had a fall and couldn't come. She is now coming to see us next week.
So what were we going to do since she couldn't come?

Plan B was put into action and look what we created.
First we had to cut out pieces of a snowman......

Then we had to glue the cut out pieces onto a piece of black paper...

A touch of colour for his hat......

Glue cotton balls on the body...

Finally lux soap flakes to make it snowing.

Here is the final product.

Look at our wonderful cutting skills!

We were all very proud of our  snowmen.

On Monday we all did something very special.

One of our teachers was very sad as her Mum had just died, so we walked to her house to take flowers to her from all the other teachers.

Before we went we made her a card .

We hope that we put a smile on her face.

Keep warm everyone!

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  1. I like when you said the wind was biting it reminded of the time it snowed here in Christchurch it was so cold but I managed to make a snow man. When I went in side my mum gave me a nice warm hot chocolate and then watched some movies by the fire place it was all so fun.