Thursday, 11 August 2016

A week of frosts....

We hope that you have all had a great week and kept warm as Jack Frost has been around and made the mornings very chilly!!

We have impressed ourselves and Rachel, Mary and Gayle with our art this week.
Since we are looking at our local birds for science this term so on Wednesday we had a sketching afternoon sketching birds. You would be impressed at what we have achieved.

Today we had a surprise waiting for us.
One of the teachers at Waimairi knows someone who drives trains, so we all went out to see the train heading north this afternoon. He gave us the biggest toot with the horn and we all waved back. It was quite exciting.

Before the train came we all walked to the top of the bridge 

It is coming...can you see the trains light?

 Now back to our cooking.... well..... we cheated this week.

Jasiah's choice was a mince pie.  We had a chat about how long it would take to make it and then it was decided to just buy one, so off to Couplands Gayle went!!

It was so delicious...some of us had several helping with lashings of tomato sauce. We won't need afternoon tea today when we get home from school!!

Decorating the whare has begun.....we coloured in Maori designs then glued them onto the whare. 

It is starting to look fantatsic......if you have time come and have a look at how we have built it.

 That is all from us this week.

Take care everyone.

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