Thursday, 4 August 2016

Week 2 Term 3

Kia ora,

As promised photos from last week.

Cutting an onion...

Pasta in the pot....

The cheese sauce....

Siring the sauce and waiting for it to thicken...

Looking good.....

Time to taste the macaroni cheese...'s good!

I'm trying hard to like this....


Do I really have to try this?

Our welcome to is so good to have you in our team Ben!!!

First coat of paint for our whare...

So that was last weeks effort onto this week.

Paul has been in again to see us and  give us some help with the whare and our bird table.

By the look on Paul's face I think the slab must be quite heavy!!!!

Passing Paul the screws...

And there we have it....a new bird table.

Giving our new table a bit of a shove to see if it is strong enough...and yes it is!!

Now to get the measurements for the roof.......thanks Ben and Desharne for your help

Paul went home with the measurements and when we came back the next day the whare had a new roof.

We think it looks amazing!!

So now for a second coat of paint.....

It was such a busy afternoon and some of us were just covered in brown paint by the time we finished  but it was all worth it.
The whare is really starting to take shape!
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On Wednesday we celebrated Aieshar's birthday.   Just look at that happy face!!

Cooking....this week it was Gabby's choice....scrambled eggs.

  We all had a turn at cracking than egg into the pots

 Then we whisked together the eggs  and milk....

Now it was time to cook the mixture

And then eat it!!!

 Some of us had two helpings as we just loved what we had made while others weren't to sure....but we all tried some.

The weather isn't  looking the best for the weekend. We had a look at the weather app on Gayle's IPad and it said that on Sunday it is going to be minus 4 degrees!!!!!

Keep warm everyone!!!!


  1. Hi everyone. Gosh I've just been checking out your blog and I am blown away by what a fantastic looking where you have been creating. It looks amazing. I hope you will let Kohara come for a look when it's all finished. It was neat seeing your cooking too. Your macaroni looked yummy. I've just had macaroni cheese at my house for dinner tonight. I wonder if it was as tasty as yours? Love Mrs O

  2. Hello Gayle I saw the blog and amazing