Thursday, 18 August 2016

It is wonderful to see and feel the sun!

What a wonderful week of weather we have had because it is meant to be Winter!!

This week we started to think about the birds that we are learning about so we put out a bird pudding to attract out feathered friends so that we can watch them eating.

We waited and waited and waited.....not one bird came to eat our food.

We wondered why that was and this is what we came up with......

* They were hanging our with their parents 

* Dee our new caretaker was working in that area and they were scared of    coming to get the food.

* It was a warm day and they found food somewhere else.

* They might be tired flapping about looking for food and they were having a rest.

* They might not be hungry

*They might be sick.

What if they didn't like the food that we had put put for them....mmm.

What could we do about that?

We knew what to do...we could make a bird pudding for them!!!

So that is what we did!

Turning the bread into crumbs....

Melting the didn't smell very nice.

Mixing in the seeds...

Now for some left over cereal....

Mixing everything together....

Final product...

Do you know Charlotte? She is one of Meagan's best friends and Meagan was very sad as she had broken not one but two of her legs.

We decided to make a card for her as we want her to be back at school so we can see her smiling face.

It is always so good to see a friend....

We are so proud of Ryan.

He has been given a medal from DOC for the Kiwi Guardians Programme.

Today he was so excited.      He wore it to school so that he could show us, BUT we had a disaster...he lost it at lunch time.

So off we all went on a medal hunt!     Guess what....we found it at the office. Someone had found it and passed it in...PHEW!!!      

Good on you Ryan...we are all so proud of you!!

Looking, looking, looking....


We were all so happy for Ryan that the medal was found.

 Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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  1. Sorry for Charlotte I was not at school that day.