Thursday, 9 February 2017

We are back!!!

Kia ora everyone,
We hope that you all had a fabulous holiday over December and January.

The Afternoon Programme team had a wonderful holiday.
Some of us went camping, while others met up with family in different parts of New Zealand.
We all enjoyed having a long holiday.

It is fantastic being back at school and catching up with all of our friends.

Last week we welcomed Jacob to the Afternoon Programme. He has come to Waimairi from another school in Christchurch.


Last week we all thought about what we would like to cook or bake.

Jacob chose banana cake so today that is what we made.

Gayle found a recipe that was gluten free so that Gabby could eat it.

It was also cooked in the microwave which was nice and quick.

Addison stirred while we all had a turn at putting the mixture into the bowl

Our chief stirrer....
Now to grease the bowl...
All ready for the microwave...
Icing sugar for decoration...yum!
Jacob was so pleased with the banana cake he gave it the thumbs up!!!

The recipe was so easy....we think that we could make it at home with some help.

We finished the day with a story about a baby orang-utan whose mother had been killed. 

It's name was Rinti and he when he was found he was very sick. People looked after him at a special place for abandoned orang-utans.

Slowly he got better and was eventually released back int o the jungle.

Ryan thought that he looked just like us!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!

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