Thursday, 16 February 2017

Week 3

Kia Ora everyone,

It hasn't been a very good week for Christchurch with the fires that are blazing on the Port Hills.

We went up onto the bridge on Wednesday to look at all the smoke. It was awful....there was so much of it!
When we walked out of Learning Support we could small the smoke!

We all hope that the amazing fire fighters out there can get it under control so that all the people that have been evacuated can return to their homes.

This week we made banana cake again....but we cooked it a different way.

There were quite a few differences between cooking it in the microwave and in the oven.

These are our findings.....the microwave cake was thinner, it had chocolate chips in it and it was very quick to cook.

The cake cooked in the oven was bigger and thicker. yummier, had a slight crust to it, took longer to cook and had a few more ingredients in it.

We took a vote...the banana cake cooked in the oven won!!! Hands down!!!

Banana cake is one of Jacob's favourites!!

Boy oh boy....Ryan took the prize for being the best at stirring really fast.
He even went red in the face while he was stirring!!

The final product.

The topic this term is all about being a responsible citizen and that we have a choice to be one.

We have been discussing about being a responsible friend.

This is what we came up with....

Being kind, sharing, helping out, listening to them when they are talking, introducing a friend to another friend, having fun, playing nicely with friends, being caring and being kind and helpful to new children at school.

We thought everyone should try to do what we came up with, because the world...and school would be a happier place.

We all hope that you have a wonderful weekend and that the fires will soon be out.

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