Thursday, 23 February 2017

Week 4

Kia Ora,

What a busy week we have had!

Kapa Haka on Tuesday and the swimming sports on Wednesday.

On Monday we had a discussion about being a responsible citizen towards our environment.

We came up with heaps of ideas of what we could and should do. Then we went for a walk down the walkway behind school.

Oh my goodness!!!! What a shock we got!!!

There was so much rubbish everywhere that people had just dropped instead of placing it in the rubbish bin.

Then we found furniture that someone had left on the grass.

They certainly weren't being responsible citizens!!

It was such a shame to see so much rubbish near our school.

Today we farewelled Ben and Addison leaving the Afternoon Programme Team.

First we had a feast....fairy bread, cherrioes, chips, dip, vegies, chocolate cake and lollies.

It was a great way to start our celebration.

Then we had a ceremony to farewell Ben and Addison.
Mrs Coleman, Mr Anderson and Ben's mum Jess came to help us celebrate.
We called it the Graduation Ceremony.
Ben and Addison gave a speech on their time with our team.

Then we all told Ben and Addison how we felt about them. We are all sad that they are going but at the same time we are very proud of what they have achieved.

Enjoy the weekend looks like it is going to be a stunner!!

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