Thursday, 1 June 2017

Week 5

Greetings from all of us here at the Afternoon Programme.

This week we put on on our labs coats again and did an experiment that Aieshar chose.

It was called Invisible Ink.
We had to squeeze a lemon to get the juice from it.
Then we dipped cotton buds in the juice to make a message or a pattern.
When the juice dried we put an iron on it to reveal the picture.
Mmmm didn't work so what should we do?
Since we are scientists we thought what would they do?
Yes...try again and thats what we did.
Sadly we didn't get the result that we thought we would.
We wondered what we could do differently if we tried this experiment again.

Paul came in to see us on Tuesday .
We had a fabulous afternoon making origami.
Ryan had done origami before...he showed us how to make flowers.

Mrs Coleman came in and tried to fly the planes that we had made....keep on trying Mrs Coleman!!

 Noodle Day!

Chef Jasiah chose noodles .

They were so delicious and very easy to make.

Noodles are very hard to eat when they are hot!

Have you played Jenga before?

We played it this afternoon and we had such fun.
We all helped each other out with words off advise of which one to take out.

                 We hope that you all have a safe and happy long weekend.

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