Thursday, 15 June 2017

What a wise!!

We have had a week of cold and miserable weather. We all thought that the wind was very scary!

For our experiments this week we tried baking ice-cream in the oven without it melting.
How does that work you may ask....we all wondered the same!!!

First we had to beat egg whites and put the mixture over a biscuit that had ice cream on it.
Then into the oven it went...we watched and waited thinking all the time that it wouldn't work.

When the ice cream came out of the oven we found that only one had worked! It was Jasiah's.

What he had done was to cover every bit of the ice cream with the egg mixture not leaving any gaps.

We learnt that when you beat egg whites a lot of tiny bubbles are made and trapped in the foam It is these air bubbles that protect the ice cream when it is in the oven.
Separating the egg whites....

Beating the egg whites...

All ready...

Now into the oven...

Watching and waiting...

Finished product...

We were all amazed...
 Chef of the day was Gabby this week.
She wanted to make a meatball recipe that her Dad makes. When we looked at the recipe it was decided that it would take too long to make SO....Mark her Dad made up the recipe for us and all we had to do was roll the meat into balls and cook it.
It was so delicious!!
It was made from pork mince and had a tomato sauce to go over the meat balls and spaghetti.

Thanks are a star!!

We dipped our hands in water...this makes it easier to roll the mixture into balls.

The chef at work in the kitchen

Before sitting down to eat this delicious meal we set the table...just like at home!

Remember to wrap up well as it is cold out there!!

Lets hope it improves for the weekend!

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