Thursday, 8 June 2017

Week 7

Hi Everyone,

We all hope that you have enjoyed the sunshine that we have been having this week......we have.
It is so good to be able to get outside and play.

It was science time again.
This is what Aaron's chose.......

Discovering what sort of objects absorb water

We all had our own materials to try an see what ones absorbed water and those that didn't.

They were wood, tin foil, cardboard, plastic, an ice cream cone, paper towel and a glossy magazine page.

The wood absorbed the water..we thought that it would only wet the outside of the wood but it didn' went right through

We thought that the water would run off the glossy paper but it didn't

We were right about the ice cream got very soggy when we put water over it.

Did you know that objects absorb water are called porous.

                             That means that they have lots of tiny holes in which liquid or                                                 air can pass through.     

Today it was Aieshar's turn to be Chef Of The Day.

She chose fried rice.

Some of weren't very happy with her choice but the rest of us thought it was absolutely delicious .

Thanks Aieshar!
Chopping the onion...

Oil in the wok...

Measuring the mixed vegetables

Time to squeeze the garlic..

Getting the mushrooms ready...

Chef Aieshar stirring the rice...

The end result...

Chef Of The Day with her  fired rice


Have a superb weekend everyone!

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