Sunday, 2 July 2017

What a week!!

We have all had the most wonderful week!

On Tuesday Te Puna invited us to go on a trip to WillowBank with them.
We all had a buddy to look after...we were the leaders!!
It was a miserable overcast day but that didn't damper our excitement.
It was the first visit to WillowBank for some of us.

Walking across the field to catch the bus....

Our buddies.....

When we arrived we were given a traditional Maori welcome.

During the morning we learnt how to use rakau and poi as well as learning a few haka moves.

Before our session ended we all got together to show everyone what we had learnt...then we sang some waiatas before having lunch.

After lunch tour guide Gabby took us on a tour of WillowBank where we got to see all the animals there.
Gabby is just so knowledgable about Willow Bank.

Sam the Clydesdale  horse...

One VERY large rabbit....

Pony getting the mud taken out of it's hooves...

Patting the eels....

A very noisy cockatoo...

Desharne showing us how he had enjoyed his day....

The amazing Afternoon Programme team!!

 Wednesday morning at Waimairi was just incredible.

We all gathered at 7.15 am to celebrate Matariki.....the Maori New Year.

Some of us had breakfast at school then at lunch time we all celebrated together eating food from other cultures and the hangi that had been put down on the back field.

It was a day of wonderful celebrations.

On Thursday we iced biscuits and put seven silver balls on them ...representing the Seven Sisters...the stars of Matariki.

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