Thursday, 6 July 2017

End of term!

The end of term has arrived and we are looking forward to sleeping in on these cold mornings!

It has been very quiet in Learning Support this week with some of our team away.
We have missed them!

Our science experiment this week was called Swirling Colours.

Milk was put into a bowl, then we added food colouring around the edge of the plate and a drop of detergent in the middle.

Do you know what happened?

The milk started moving and all the colours merged together....we were so amazed that we couldn't stop watching it. was so fascinating.

Some of us thought that the colours would just stay in one place but that certainly wasn't the case....they kept on mixing together making amazing patterns.
One us us thought that the colours looked like they were at war with one another.

It was all about the reaction with fat in the milk with the detergent.

Look at these amazing patterns

The concentration....

This afternoon we celebrated the end of term with chips, dip, carrot sticks and celery.
It was so good sitting around the table eating and having a chat.
 Then we did some fabulous weaving that we took home to show our parents.

So that is us for the term....enjoy your holiday break.

Keep warm and be safe.

See you all next term.

Desharne, Gabby, Ryan, Aaron, Aieshar, Jacob and Jasiah.

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