Thursday, 27 July 2017

We are back!!

Welcome back is good to  be back despite the dreadful rain that is with us again today.
We are hoping that it will go away before the weekend so that we can get outside and play.

Did you all have an enjoyable holiday?

This term is all about the 'Arts' in our community.

We are going to be participating in a variety of 'arty' activities.

Today we discussed what type of dance /movement that we would like to participate in.

We came up with....break dancing, jump jam, hip hop, irish jigs...we might get Mrs Coleman to teach us the Irish Jig as she is very good at it!!!    So watch this space!!!!

To get us into an 'arty' mood we painted rocks. Gayle went and collected them from Birdlings Flat.
Some were quite big in size while others were flat and thin. They were all very smooth when we touched them.

We chose our rocks then got busy and made a plan of what we were going to paint on them.
It was quite easy to come up with a design.

We had photos of rocks that had been painted by people. Some of the art on them was just amazing.

After completing our plan we put the first coat of paint on them.

Some of us are going to use a vivid to finish them off while the rest of us will use paint.

Thinking about what design we will choose....

Creation number two on it's way....

After a lot of thought we have all chosen what we would like to cook / bake for this term.

First up was Jacob's choice....chocolate cake.

The dry ingredients...

Adding the water...

A teaspoon of vanilla essence please...

Now we need five tablespoons of oil....

You always have to grease the tin....

The final product.....light, fluffy and delicious!!!

Please keep warm and dry everyone and be careful out on the roads!!

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